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And that love is never going to fade away...

Friday, July 7, 2006


What is beauty, what is real? How can I tell that what I feel is true, what can I do? When I feel so confused, trying to find my way but it seems to be misplaced, like searching for a friendly face on a lonesome night, and you know damn well I hate to fight, but I let the anger over come, calm down, breathe, don’t do something dumb, just slow down, your time will come around soon enough, so just be tough, but I just get so insecure and feel so unsure, of how to present myself, I want to show, every piece of my soul, as a whole, as a heart, straight from the start, I need to just fixate on what makes me feel great, writing like this, getting lost in your kiss, just letting go, it’s what makes me feel free, and feel like I’m really ME, my true self, it seems I need some help to keep my heart beat steady, to be ready to face the world with a smile, to let petty things go cuz they just bring me down, I wont stoop to the ground, I want you to know you do make me complete and my knees weak in ways no one ever could, They’d be misunderstood, if they doubt my love for you, you put me back together when I come unglued, I’ve never needed someone like this, been to entrapped in a kiss, so subjected to miss, so when I’m lost in this world and I can’t find my way, I just fall in your arms and I know I’m okay, cuz I got you, no guy could ever undo, the way I’m wrapped up in your heart, they couldn’t even begin to start, dragging me away, because what would I want with someone else, just to undo my belt, when no man could ever satisfy, me, the way you can with just one glance of your eye, I fall more in love with you everyday, no one could ever take my love away for you, because my love is true, no caress, no touch, could ever mean as much as it does from my baby and the way you drive me crazy with every little thing you do, I’m literally amazed by you, and though we may disagree here and there, please always be aware of the strength of my love baby there is no maybe, you ARE my heart, you are the spark in my eye, the spring in my step, the smile on my face when my hair’s a mess and you tell me I’m beautiful. YOU COMPLETE ME, the way you treat me is impeccable, your loving is delectable, I just wanted to let you know, that when I don’t know where to go or to turn, there will always be fire that burns for you and I’ll smile through the tears just knowing I have you here, as a lover, as a friend, to make me whole again.

(Shake my dreams)

Sunday, January 1, 2006


With every puff of your cigarette,I could hear the sizzle as you inhaled. Each breath making my heart burn. The smoke escaping from your lips stung my eyes with tears. It wasn't so much I could barley breath, it was more the fact of being so petrified that if you can lie to me once, why not again. I never knew I could love like this. I hate the jealous pang when even the name of another girl is mentioned. It's so terrifing to have your whole world resting in the hands of another. Knowing that at any moment, with one simple, accidental flick of the wrist, your world is shattered. I almost hate the fact that all I want to do is stare in your eyes and hold you and never let you out of my sight so no one can steal you away. And with that said I leave you with this...

It is INSANE to love someone this much...

(Shake my dreams)

Friday, September 30, 2005

9:38AM - Just some thoughts

Its nights like these when I walk in with one of my best friends, mom is watching tv on the couch, and dad is cooking popcorn in the kitchen. He hands us tall glasses of an orange flavored drink, and we devoar the popcorn even though we insist we are not hungry. The light is golden and soft, it seems so welcoming to me. My dog jumps up on my legs and licks my face. The air outside it hot and thick, but the air inside the house is cool. Its nights like these I want to stay, in the house that is no longer my home. But reality hits and I know I have to go, as I drive back to my dark empty apartment I wonder, just for a second, what it would be like...but only for a second...because it's not sensable to live in a fantasy world, with happy thoughts that are just pretend.

(Shake my dreams)

Friday, June 3, 2005


Your hand in mine, something I never thought I feel. This excitment in my heart, I wanna know if it's real. Your skin upon mine, your singing in my ear. I can't stop the smile that grew across my face. I looked up and stared into your eyes. The cieling is spinning, and everything is cloudy, but when I look at you, your perfectly clear, for that moment I can't help but smile again. Please don't walk away, I need someone to let me know I'm okay. Lying on the ground in the dark, you find me and you make my unafraid. So I can't help but pray this is what you really feel, and not the alcohol that made it real.

(Shake my dreams)

Friday, May 27, 2005


I realized...I need to find someone to make me feel...the way I feel when I look at fireworks

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Thursday, May 26, 2005


You showed me it was okay to be c.r.a.z.y, and I'm glad you brought that out in me, because I'm always gonna let that out. We had so many good,crazy,random,spontaneous times together. And I'm not going to lie and say I don't miss that. I don't know sometimes I just wish we could talk because it feels like there is a lot I should know that you never told me. I'm just wondering how long it's gonna take for you to

L e t m e k n o w...

(Shake my dreams)

Saturday, May 14, 2005


(Shake my dreams)

Monday, May 2, 2005

9:34PM - Timed writing practice

As soon as my toes hit the chilly ocean my soul gets lifted a little higher. Walking straight into the crashing waves I feel so..Courageous, in some way. I hope on my board and paddle deeper into the water. Sitting on my gorgeous blue amoungst the scattered boards. I squint my eyes and search for the perfect set. When I finally see these beauties rushing toward me I turn and paddle, paddle, paddle as hard as I can, Then I feel it. The waves caught me. It's pushing me with all this mighty power and I'm gliding so fast across the water I can't see straight. I stand. I'm on top of the world. I let out a scream. I'm free!!! I'm free!!

As the wave gets closer to shore and I slowly sink back down into the water. I hop back on my board. About to make my way through more crashing waves. Out to the deep, to wait for the next big one. Thats going to make my heart


(Shake my dreams)

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

8:22PM - Timed writing practice

TWP Sunset Beach


The pavement is hard and cold, like broken up pebbles beneath my bare feet. Walking amongst the shadows and the burning street lights. I walk beside the old thick rope I used to walk across as a child; With the help of my dad of course, onto the beach of my childhood. The sand, every grain, every drop of the ocean I know by heart. It is mine...and I miss it so much. I miss walking, or running down this strip of beach, down to the jagged rocks. I could go there to get away and no one could find me. Walking back to that violent house, my hair covering my soaked eyelids. The wind hiding my sadness; But this beach was so much more then heartache. It was freedom, maturity, the ocean. I remember loving so much swimming all the way under the water, the salt flowing through my hair, shooting through the water blindly. Not knowing where I would end up. What a great feeling. 

What am I to do now that this feeling is so far away from me?

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8:20PM - Noise



There is no quiet place to write

A spot to call my own

In the wretched noise

No place to call my home

No glowing warm lights

On littered streets

Amongst the silent beach

I must work in this racket

Will it ever cease?

This constant chaos I speak of

never dissipates

It’s in every corner

It sits there and it waits

It tries to chase away my soul;

The beauty in my heart

The very things that make me whole

It rips my words apart


~Melissa Wilkinson

Current mood: creative

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

12:16AM - Bitter-Sweet

I'm very proud of this. I haven't writen a song in a long time

Bittersweet by Melissa Wilkinson


You're my bittersweet coffee when I wake up baby,

The bittersweet pill I take to ease my pain

Your the morning rain...

You're the gas to start my car but you're

The light that says there's something wrong inside

But you're my only ride


:chorus: (with passion)

All you are is bittersweet

Baby tell me what I mean

To you,

I wish I knew


You lift me up, you knock me down

And I cant get off the ground

Tell me are you still in love with me?



(Getting louder)

You're the wine thats in my glass but your the bad after effect

Oh baby why

Do I even try?


You're the music in my heart

But you are why I fall apart

Every night

You're not by my side

You don't look me in the eyes

Do you think that I don't realize

That you don't even kiss me anymore

And you lock the door


(getting a little softer)

I grab my coat, pick up my keys

Then I fall down to my knees

'cause I know I just cant walk about that door

And as I hit the floor...


I'm Screamin'

All you are is bittersweet

Baby tell me what I mean

To you,

I wish I knew

You lift me up, you knock me down

And I cant get off the ground

Tell me are you still in love with me?



(Legato : slowed down gradualy)

The note is lying on the floor

The drops of blood right by the door

As he comes home late that night

He shakes her but she doesn't wake

Now his heart begins to break

As he read the words on that page...


(a little softer and slower)

All you are is bittersweet

Baby tell me what I mean

To you,

I wish I knew

You lift me up, you knock me down

And I cant get off the ground

Tell me are you still in love with me?



Please comment



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Monday, July 26, 2004

4:41PM - 07/19/04

It was like a post card.
Something sphotographed in some exotic place and slaped on the small plane window.
You could see the navy blue city below with the cluttered auray of street lights.
A bright gold, neon orange color spread across the top of the city in a perfect line.
Melted into a pale blue that flats in to a darkening night sky.
The stark, white, cresent moon hung with only one star far off to the left.
It was gorgeous, unbelievable and so magnificent it didn't look real.
The dark silowet of the plane's wing with it's flashing red light showning through the shadows. Taking me home. To a new life and to some of the biggest changes I was about to face.

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Friday, June 25, 2004


Touch not these lips, You're fingertips will be stained with red And I know you don't want that These arms long for you, but its not worth it My heart can not be trusted It tears itself apart And these tears are just like glass, they will splinter in ur skin Be carful, they will cut you, but I can't let you bleed Tempt not this flesh, or I might accually fall and I don't know if you can handle picking up the pieces of me But I can hide in this hole no longer Entwine your fingers with mine and lead me away from this mess Don't let the fear overcome me I will fall into your embrace, I'll let you take me I could fall in love with you But I must warn you Touch not this heart, Unless you know it's every beat

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Saturday, June 19, 2004


I'd kiss you....

                                       but I'd kill you,



        with these poison lips.



(Shake my dreams)

Friday, June 4, 2004



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The memories are flooding back so fast

I feel as if my hearts colapsed

Again I'm feeling insecure

A twisted fate, my thoughts a blur

I was afraid and so unsure

That made you think I was too pure

I only feel like crying

Inside again I'm dying

This is just the start

The breaking of my heart

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2:53PM - TWP 06/02/04 13 minutes

I jump into the water diving down to the bottom.
I open my eyes and it stings for a second but then it goes away.
I can't see much, the ocean is dark, and so is the sky but it is lit up with small blazing balls of fire.
I push against the current and swim faster.
I just kind of float there for a minute, until I'm out of breath.
so I press my feet to the mucky ground and shoot up to the surface. Gasping for air I smooth my wet hair back out of my eyes.
I feel your hand touch my waist.
I turn around to be but inches away from you.
You're hair is sticking to your face and the small beads of water are rolling down your cheek.
You pull me in closer and you're holding both of us up now.
Your lips brush against mine and a shiver shoots straight up my back.
I kiss your forehead softly and taste the salt on my lips.
The water is chilly.
I have goose bumps, but your lips caress mine and I'm instantly warm.
I let my self go and you hold all of me.
I'm completely trusting you.
But my head falls back and my body becomes heavy and I start to fall from your grasp.
I sink slowly down into the deep water.
As you get on last look of my face.
I am above you now.
Weightless and empty.
Floating I see your tears drop into the salty water.

And that love is never going to fade away because it hadn't been alive long enough to die.

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