Melissa Marie (wrtemeluvlttrs) wrote,
Melissa Marie

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Timed writing practice

TWP Sunset Beach


The pavement is hard and cold, like broken up pebbles beneath my bare feet. Walking amongst the shadows and the burning street lights. I walk beside the old thick rope I used to walk across as a child; With the help of my dad of course, onto the beach of my childhood. The sand, every grain, every drop of the ocean I know by heart. It is mine...and I miss it so much. I miss walking, or running down this strip of beach, down to the jagged rocks. I could go there to get away and no one could find me. Walking back to that violent house, my hair covering my soaked eyelids. The wind hiding my sadness; But this beach was so much more then heartache. It was freedom, maturity, the ocean. I remember loving so much swimming all the way under the water, the salt flowing through my hair, shooting through the water blindly. Not knowing where I would end up. What a great feeling. 

What am I to do now that this feeling is so far away from me?

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