Melissa Marie (wrtemeluvlttrs) wrote,
Melissa Marie

Timed writing practice

As soon as my toes hit the chilly ocean my soul gets lifted a little higher. Walking straight into the crashing waves I feel so..Courageous, in some way. I hope on my board and paddle deeper into the water. Sitting on my gorgeous blue amoungst the scattered boards. I squint my eyes and search for the perfect set. When I finally see these beauties rushing toward me I turn and paddle, paddle, paddle as hard as I can, Then I feel it. The waves caught me. It's pushing me with all this mighty power and I'm gliding so fast across the water I can't see straight. I stand. I'm on top of the world. I let out a scream. I'm free!!! I'm free!!

As the wave gets closer to shore and I slowly sink back down into the water. I hop back on my board. About to make my way through more crashing waves. Out to the deep, to wait for the next big one. Thats going to make my heart


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