Melissa Marie (wrtemeluvlttrs) wrote,
Melissa Marie

Just some thoughts

Its nights like these when I walk in with one of my best friends, mom is watching tv on the couch, and dad is cooking popcorn in the kitchen. He hands us tall glasses of an orange flavored drink, and we devoar the popcorn even though we insist we are not hungry. The light is golden and soft, it seems so welcoming to me. My dog jumps up on my legs and licks my face. The air outside it hot and thick, but the air inside the house is cool. Its nights like these I want to stay, in the house that is no longer my home. But reality hits and I know I have to go, as I drive back to my dark empty apartment I wonder, just for a second, what it would be like...but only for a second...because it's not sensable to live in a fantasy world, with happy thoughts that are just pretend.
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