Melissa Marie (wrtemeluvlttrs) wrote,
Melissa Marie

What is beauty, what is real? How can I tell that what I feel is true, what can I do? When I feel so confused, trying to find my way but it seems to be misplaced, like searching for a friendly face on a lonesome night, and you know damn well I hate to fight, but I let the anger over come, calm down, breathe, don’t do something dumb, just slow down, your time will come around soon enough, so just be tough, but I just get so insecure and feel so unsure, of how to present myself, I want to show, every piece of my soul, as a whole, as a heart, straight from the start, I need to just fixate on what makes me feel great, writing like this, getting lost in your kiss, just letting go, it’s what makes me feel free, and feel like I’m really ME, my true self, it seems I need some help to keep my heart beat steady, to be ready to face the world with a smile, to let petty things go cuz they just bring me down, I wont stoop to the ground, I want you to know you do make me complete and my knees weak in ways no one ever could, They’d be misunderstood, if they doubt my love for you, you put me back together when I come unglued, I’ve never needed someone like this, been to entrapped in a kiss, so subjected to miss, so when I’m lost in this world and I can’t find my way, I just fall in your arms and I know I’m okay, cuz I got you, no guy could ever undo, the way I’m wrapped up in your heart, they couldn’t even begin to start, dragging me away, because what would I want with someone else, just to undo my belt, when no man could ever satisfy, me, the way you can with just one glance of your eye, I fall more in love with you everyday, no one could ever take my love away for you, because my love is true, no caress, no touch, could ever mean as much as it does from my baby and the way you drive me crazy with every little thing you do, I’m literally amazed by you, and though we may disagree here and there, please always be aware of the strength of my love baby there is no maybe, you ARE my heart, you are the spark in my eye, the spring in my step, the smile on my face when my hair’s a mess and you tell me I’m beautiful. YOU COMPLETE ME, the way you treat me is impeccable, your loving is delectable, I just wanted to let you know, that when I don’t know where to go or to turn, there will always be fire that burns for you and I’ll smile through the tears just knowing I have you here, as a lover, as a friend, to make me whole again.
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